Individual investors should be licking their chops…

The Tokenist reports over $20 trillion in assets is expected to be tokenized over the next decade. And that “the potential for security tokens cannot be understated.”

Why is the tokenization of assets a game changer for individual investors?

It’s changing who can access capital—and how. Technology like smart contracts and blockchain provide transparent transactions, rights of ownership on assets, and faster liquidity. This opening the floodgates for individual investors… allowing access to the kind of early-stage gains rarely available to anyone but big money players.

For the vast majority of companies, the typical Wall Street way of accessing capital through investment banks is a long and costly process. And unless you’re an accredited investor, you don’t have access to private deals.

Even if you do, the lockup period (how long you have to wait to sell out of your investment) is typically seven to 10 years. And you’ll wait for a takeover or an initial public offering (IPO) to sell your investment. (Think Uber and Lyft.)

It’s true you need to be an accredited investor to participate in many security token offerings (STOs)… But the lockup period is only about one year. After that, non-accredited investors can start trading these assets.

Remember, digital securities represent ownership, much like a stock. It’s not the wild west ICO market (initial coin offerings) we witnessed over the last couple of years—where utility tokens raised billions from private investors, while providing zero equity or a claim to profits.

And digital securities offer much faster liquidity, so that even non-accredited individuals will be able to invest in growth companies at much earlier stages.

What if you’d been able to buy Uber seven or eight years ago through digital securities, rather than having to wait for its IPO? When Uber went public, its valuation was sky-high, with a market cap of over $60 billion. At such a high valuation, it’s hyper-growth stage, and possibly its biggest gains, have passed.

Going forward, individual investors will have tremendous opportunity to invest in all kinds of assets… fine art, real estate, collectables, film projects, bonds, and more.

And this quarter, the first digital security trading opportunities will open to non-accredited investors.

This remarkable $20 trillion market just getting started. Keep reading Token Tracker for the latest news and opportunities… It’s a bull market you can’t afford to miss.

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